With the corona virus restrictions, managing my health and energy seems harder than ever before. It’s been harder to establish routines and focus. The background feelings of waiting and uncertainty distract me from the daily things that need doing. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my energy, our collective energy and how we chose to spend it.

I think it’s fair to say we all want good energy and good health. We all want to feel connected to something larger than ourselves and a sense of purpose within the great web of life. One of my passions in life has been to seek the sources of good energy in body, mind, and spirit. There are so many amazing classes out there to take! I have joined many amazing people, past and present who have also been on this quest, approaching it from many different directions, but all with similar goals; increase energy, be positive, create the life you dream. Or something like that.

Energy is at the core of our ability to live our lives with intention and manifest our dreams. Whether that is mental, physical, or spiritual energy, we can’t move in the directions we would like without it. When I studied at the Tracker School, with Tom Brown, Jr. many years ago, learning wilderness survival skills and a deeper connection to nature, he would constantly remind us that everything in nature is about “conservation of energy”. Continuing this study with Lynn Andrews, I have come to learn that the importance of this in our lives cannot be overstated, in every way in which we may expend energy, be it thoughts, actions, or words.

Energy can be brought in from outside and stored, as well as created inside. Finding and using these ‘tools’ has long been one of the arts of healers and Shamans, and is available to all of us. Creating and storing energy from outside would look like using herbs for medicine, eating healthy food grown with love, activities that bring you joy, being with people that bring you joy, listening to music you love, being in nature, yoga, and movements that bring in energy.  Creating and storing energy inside would look like having gratitude in your daily life, staying in the present as much as possible, encouraging more positive, loving, supportive thoughts of yourself and others, deep breathing, meditation, and envisioning.

As I follow this path of study, I find it naturally brings me into greater connection with all living things. I become more aware of the exchange of energy that is happening among all of us in every form. While I harvest pine needles for medicine or work in the garden prepping the beds for planting, I am reminded of the energy I am taking in. Energy from the soil and all it’s life forms, the sun, the waters of the earth through rain, my words of encouragement and thoughts of love and beauty for the plants as they grew, and the energy of those that cultivated the soil, grew the plants that created the seeds that I purchased. You can see how this web continues on indefinitely. When you follow this out with everything that we do, say, and take in, it is almost a bit overwhelming to fully realize just how connected we are and the impact we can have. It reminds me of how important each of us are in this web we share with all life, and how important our efforts toward good health and positive energy are in supporting ourselves and everything we come in contact with.

It’s harder to do now for so many reasons, and yet more important than ever. Even when I have the awareness that I need to be practicing some of these tools more, it takes me a while. I circle it until I get so tired of not doing it, that I do it. I eat a little better, I do yoga, exercise, sit with a tree. It is this beautiful circle of exchange that feels so good. My ability to maintain a practice is always evolving, always waxing and waning. I imagine one day I will be in that good energy place permanently. Ah, but then I remember, nothing is permanent.

Keep trying. One day at a time. One moment at a time.

Sending love through this web to you.

Be Well!



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I live with my husband, Jeff (jeffjosephwoodworker.com) on 34 beautiful acres in upstate New York. We share the dream of living "the good life" as described by Helen and Scott Nearing in their book by the same title. We have been refining that process at this location since 2003. I've been practicing the art of living well and close to Mother Earth with the help of teachers such as Tom Brown Jr., Carlos Castaneda, Lynn Andrews, John Jeavons, Scott & Helen Nearing, Jon Young and many herbalists including my first teacher Donna d'Terra. Join me as the adventure continues on many levels...

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