What students are saying about Wildmoon...

Suzanne is such an amazing teacher! She has so much gardening knowledge, and brings such joy, positivity, and love to what she does. If you were ever interested in learning how to make your veggie garden OUTSTANDING, sign up as quick as you can! Our weekends were so full- class and garden time, yoga, fantastic food, and meeting other women that all share common goals... it was the highlight of my year!
~ Alex

This apprenticeship was amazing in so many ways! I learned so much from Suzanne and I have been an avid gardener for years. She is a beautiful soul and makes you feel right at home instantly. She is light hearted and so fun to be with. When I think of my time at Wildmoon homesteading, the words sisterhood keeps coming in front and center. Beautiful, like minded woman gathering together to learn and share experiences while doing meaningful work for ourselves and the planet. It was  an amazing time, a sacred journey I shared with my sisters and will always cherish. I hesitated signing up initially because I lived over 3 hours away but after my first weekend I couldn’t imagine not attending! This experience will enrich your life and the friendships will be part of your heart and soul.

~ Karen

Suzanne is an amazing person, she is kind, funny, knowledgeable and loving. When I found out about her second year of her homesteading apprenticeship and that she offered a discount to Indigenous women, I jumped at the chance to join her and other women. We were able to learn throughout the seasons what goes into homesteading and working with the land. We read some amazing books by Lynn Andrews and other herbal, spiritual and homesteading teachers. We spent the weekends out on her beautiful land surrounded by hills and lush forests. We are amazing nourishing food mostly from her land. We regularly did different ceremonies to honor the moon cycles and our own healing. Being in the woods, with your fingers and toes in the dirt, surrounded by other loving women has healing in itself. There were mornings we did yoga and different rituals to be with the land and honor our energies. I am a mother of a young child, a full time student in a masters program and I also work part time. I am extremely busy but I am so grateful I made time for this program. I will hold my memories of of this experience close to my heart. Nyãwenhà Suzanne ❤️🙏🏽

~ Danielle

I attended Suzanne's first year of her Women's Gardening apprenticeship and I cannot say enough good things!!! First of all, Suzanne is one amazing lady. She is skilled and knowledgeable in everything from survival skills, to gardening and homesteading but more than that she is an energetic, hilarious and extremely sweet person!! As for the apprenticeship itself, I learned SO much. Along with so many useful skills, I think the most valuable thing I learned was a sense of confidence in the garden and in the outdoors. By feeling so safe and welcomed in this little community of women that we made, I found something profound that I had definitely been missing from my life. I felt a sense of connectedness to the land, to myself and the women that were in the apprenticeship with me. I still keep in touch with these women and I continue to use these skills in my garden and in life! I highly recommend this experience.

~ Nadine